8 reasons to hire a professional copywriter

To do a job properly, you always need a professional. After all, you wouldn’t build your website unless you were a web developer. You wouldn’t bake a wedding cake unless you’d done it (and well) before. And you wouldn’t fix your own car unless you were a mechanic. The same applies to words: you’ll benefit from hiring a professional copywriter to write them.

If we were talking about a hobby or your personal blog, meant for friends and family, writing your own copy wouldn’t matter. But copy for a business is serious stuff. After all, the people who read it are all potential clients, all prospective buyers or users of your products or services.

Bottom line? Your readers are your business. It simply makes sense to hire a professional copywriter to craft the words. But in case you’re not quite convinced, here are eight reasons why you need to hire a professional copywriter.

You’re short on time

And you need to be spending it on the things you’re good at. Namely, running your business. Why waste your precious time writing copy when a professional could be doing it for you? And do it well. Get on with what you’re good at and leave the words to the copywriter!

You want more customers or guests

Trained copywriters know who they’re writing for and as a result, write the copy the audience wants to read. In your case, your audience wants to know about your business and how it can benefit them.

A professional copywriter gets right inside your buyer personas’ minds and tells them just what they want to hear. The result? Music to their ears and more business for you.

A professional copywriter also takes an objective stance and provides that fresh point of view; the one(s) you may not have thought of because you’re so close to your business. Think of it as someone taking a step back and giving your readers a different perspective, but the one that will convince them to buy into your business.

You want to sell more

More leads, more subscribers, more enquiries, more guests… And one of the main ways of getting these in today’s digital world is through persuasive copy optimised for search engines. Words that compel the reader to take action, to hit that button, to sign-up for the newsletter, or place a call.

Can you write those convincing words, the ones that will sway the reader and have them doing exactly what you want? A professional copywriter can.

You want to rank better on Google

In December 2018, the total number of websites in the world was just shy of 2 billion. To put that into perspective, just 25% of these are active but even so, 50,000,000 websites makes the internet very, very crowded. So, how does Google notice yours? Hire a professional copywriter and find out.

Our copywriters are bang up to date with the latest SEO updates and what Google likes and doesn’t like. They write the copy that ticks all Google’s boxes and as a result, gets it in front of potential customers’ eyes. Well crafted copy on your website can make a massive difference to your Google rankings and by extension, to your business. Appear on page one of a search instead of page two and your business potential soars.

So you don’t underestimate the competition (and just for fun), check out this website counter.

You’re not too hot on grammar

Unless you studied a foreign language or are old enough to remember when they taught grammar lessons in school, the chances are that your grasp of English grammar isn’t great. Can you tell your its from your it’s? The difference between they’re, their and there (and choose the right one)? Distinguish between the active and passive voice? Correct a dangling modifier?

If your answer is no to any of the above common grammatical errors, it’s time to hire a professional copywriter. They write copy that’s bang on for even the biggest sticklers for grammar and that includes your readers and Google.

You have a story to tell

Storytelling forms an essential part of society. It’s the backbone of your brand marketing. By transmitting your story, you can consolidate your brand, build a bond with your audience and create a powerful marketing strategy. Ultimately, storytelling inspires trust and confidence. And as we all know, when people like and trust you, they buy.

But who’s going to tell your story? Yep, you’ve guessed it: the professional copywriter.

You like to ring the changes

Google and your potential customers both like to read good copy and they both get bored with the same old content. Ring the changes in yours (and often) and you’re looking at a captive audience, both for rankings and business.

This is where the professional copywriter steps in (yet again). Hire one and your content will include:

  • Website content and ad copy that answers your audience’s needs

  • Longform, detailed posts and landing pages as well as shorter, punchier pieces.

  • Good old listicles, you know – the 10 best…, 5 ways to…

  • Blog posts providing solutions to your customers’ problems.

  • A good smattering of guide-type articles that prove you’re an authority in your area.

  • Series of cornerstone content and subsidiary posts.

  • Genuinely useful, jargon-free FAQs

  • Click driving newsletter and direct email content

  • Scripts for video content and so much more

You want expert content

And lastly on our list of reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter comes the content itself. As well as fresh ideas, well-crafted copy and plenty of it, you want to show your company knows its stuff. This is where the research side of copywriting comes in.

A good writer will also be a proficient researcher (whether they’re interviewing you, your team and customers, or delving into the depths of Google) and able to add bona fide facts and figures to your content. The weight of these adds to your authority as an expert in your field and consolidates your reputation before your audience. And an audience that trusts what they’re reading is one step nearer to being your customer.

You’re convinced

Eight reasons later, have we won you over! You now know exactly why you should hire a professional copywriter.

Your next step? Get in touch and find out how the Coconut copywriters can take your content to another level leaving you all that precious time to get on with what you know and love doing best. Try us and see for yourself.