Coconut is a hands-on communications agency.


Established in 2015, we're a little company with big travel experience and ideas. 

How do we work? 

We take an integrated approach for maximum impact with measurable outcomes. Jargon? Not really... That means finding ways to reach and interact with your customers wherever they spend their time, whatever they read. 

We believe there is a right way to talk to each audience through each channel. With that we hone the messages that matter most and nail the calls to action that drive the greatest engagement.

We like to act as an extension of your team with open lines of communication, regular updates and a collaborative approach to achieving objectives.

Our expertise 

We are a team of marketing and industry experts led by Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies.

Kate has worked with independent family businesses, start-ups and corporate behemoths, helping each to tell their stories through online and offline channels. She has 12+ years' experience handling external, internal and digital communications for travel brands. She's a regular industry commentator on travel related issues for BBC TV and radio. With 8 years' hospitality experience under her belt, managing restaurants and leading front of house teams, she also enjoys fabulous food and tasty restaurant clients!

Timma joined us summer 2018 from Women Ahead where she’d created the comms functions from scratch. With government press office experience under her belt too, she brings a wise and creative head to the team. Unflinchingly professional and awesomely organised, she's getting stuck in to all areas of our work across our accommodation and food clients.

Joanna is a published author and Malaga destination expert. Her writing experience stretches across travel exploration and property investment to in-destination nous.

Fran and Kate first worked together in 2014 and have been curating ideas for sticking together ever since. Fran is one of the most creative copywriters out there; her ideas and imagination seemingly endless; her application and edits exquisite. Soon to be a published author herself, we’re holding on to her tightly!

Ben is our digital marketing partner. What Ben doesn't know about optimising your website for search engines, running CPA-efficient Adwords and paid social media activity isn't worth knowing. Together, through site optimisation and digital PR coverage, we increase the visibility and authority of your website, thereby growing it too. 

Why Coconut?

Why should you hire us?
Don't. But do let's find a way to work together - it's a far more effective way of achieving results when we collaborate with our clients and don't sit in a silo somewhere over there...

Why are we called Coconut?
Our name was inspired by a coconut shy at a village fete one beautiful English summer's day. (Kate has her then 3-year old son to thank for subsequent shell to take home).

Fact: the word coconut is used to describe the whole and the individual parts of the fruit.

So what? We're Coconut because we are truly versatile in the services that we deliver (think about all the products that come from a coconut). And because we provide a holistic solution to your challenge, even if you just want our support on a slice or two to begin with. 

Need help with travel and leisure PR?

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We may be small but that makes us agile and bureaucracy-free. We have decades of experience in travel, property, hospitality and event management. We have also worked with government, automotive, IT and outdoor clothing brands.