Coconut is a hands-on communications agency.


A communications agency is what might once have been called a PR agency. We support (or help create) and execute your strategies for digital PR, social media and content marketing. We aim to take an integrated approach for maximum impact with measurable outcomes. 

Whether you want to attract new, engage existing or revive previous customers, we help you achieve objectives through sound communication planning and delivery.

We love the written word. We believe there is a right way to talk to each audience through each channel. We help define your tone of voice and house style. We can write whatever it is that you need writing. With that we hone the messages that matter most and nail the calls to action that drive the greatest engagement.


How do we work? 

We are a team of marketing and industry experts led by Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies.

Kate has worked with independent family businesses, start-ups and corporate behemoths helping each to tell their stories through online and offline channels. She has a particular weakness for fledgling businesses, years of experience in the travel sector and more than a few t-shirts to prove her worth.

We pull from our pool of experts depending on the client's sector, communication challenge or target audience. From there, we like to get to know you, your business and your target audience, so that we can deliver your messages firsthand to the right people in the right places.

We can support one element of your marketing or the whole suite. Obviously we'll be working for you, but we tend to see the best results when we work alongside our clients.


Happy to chat

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We may be small but that makes us agile and bureaucracy-free. We have decades of experience in travel, property, hospitality and event management. We have also worked with automotive, IT, outdoor clothing and pop-up space brands.



Yes, our name was inspired by a coconut shy at a village fete one beautiful English summer's day. But we're COCONUT because we are truly versatile in the services that we deliver (think about all the products that come from a coconut). And because we provide a holistic solution to your challenge (the word coconut is used to describe both the whole and the individual parts of the fruit).